Think of Mizzou’s endowment as the university's long-term savings account. The principal is rarely touched but the amount that is distributed each year makes an impact across campus.

A robust endowment translates to excellence year after year, regardless of fluctuations in the economy or the level of state support, by allowing us to recruit and retain stellar students and faculty while also investing in interdisciplinary collaboration and state-of-the-art learning environments.

In order to remain competitive in all areas, Mizzou must increase our endowment from $820 million to more than $1 billion. For reference, Harvard’s endowment is $37 billion. Closer to home, KU’s is $1.8 billion and Illinois’s is $2.2 billion.

Scholarships: A college education changes a life

We want to make the dream of coming to Mizzou a reality for any student who wants to come here. Increasing our base of endowed scholarship support has never been more important because a college education has never been more important. By keeping Mizzou accessible, we will be more competitive with our peer institutions in offering a truly great education at a realistic cost.

Our goal is to help as many deserving students as possible who are motivated to attend MU. Young people are the future and we owe it to Missourians and students everywhere to help ensure that no talent goes undeveloped because of a lack of financial resources.

Your gift can offer a student the chance of a lifetime.

Endowed faculty positions attract top talent

Teaching and educating students is at the core of what Mizzou does and we do it well. All of the talented students in the world and a scholarship for every student who needed one would not matter if we did not have dedicated, gifted professors to teach both core classes and highly specialized ones.

In a competitive higher education job market, wealthier institutions often attempt to entice our rising star faculty away with higher salaries. Faculty endowments — named fellows, scholars, professorships and chairs — afford MU the opportunity to retain our top talent and attract renowned scholars with compelling compensation packages for their research, labs and mentorships. Endowments for faculty also give prestige to scholars and their work. In these ways, gifts to support endowed faculty positions strengthen Mizzou’s status in the AAU while advancing our teaching and research missions.