Founded in 2014, the Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy is a signature academic center at the University of Missouri dedicated to encouraging interdisciplinary study of the nation’s political traditions and principles on the MU campus, in Columbia and throughout the state.

Through initiatives such as its undergraduate and graduate fellowship programs, course development fund, community seminar series and annual conference for Missouri high school teachers, the Institute provides an environment in which students, faculty and community members can come together to explore ideas and questions that are central to understanding the nation’s experience with democratic governance, from the founding of the United States through the present day.

All gifts to the Institute's scholarship and endowment funds will help promote excellence in teaching and scholarship on American political thought and history.

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Roy Hartline
Sr. Director of Advancement

Kinder Institute Scholarship Fund

Contributions to the Kinder Institute Scholarship Fund exclusively support student participation in one of four transformational, scholarly opportunities that the Institute has developed for MU undergraduates: an academic internship program in Washington, D.C., the Society of Fellows, summer study abroad classes and the Honors College course series.

These unique programs allow MU students who are passionate about American history and government to forge a close-knit community of ambitious scholars, engaged citizens and campus leaders.

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Kinder Institute Endowment

The generosity of donors has helped the Institute put into place a wide variety of initiatives designed to engage students and citizens in active, informed dialogue about the history and present state of democracy in America.

All contributions to the Kinder Institute Endowment allow the Institute to expand the scope of these initiatives and help attract some of the very best students and scholars to the University of Missouri. With the support of donors, the Institute will continue to increase the quality and civility of discourse about matters of the utmost national importance.

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