At Mizzou, teaching students is at the core of what we do — and we do it well. Our students learn from dedicated, gifted professors who teach both core classes and highly specialized ones. One professor can spark a passion, a career, or the desire to learn more.

MU’s nationally prominent faculty members bring discoveries into the classroom, secure multi-million-dollar research grants, and publish more than 1,500 books and scholarly articles each year. MU faculty research attracts more than $100 million in federal funding annually.

Competing for Top Talent

Universities worldwide compete for professors who are the best in their fields. Increasing the number of endowed faculty positions greatly improves MU's ability to attract and retain a highly regarded faculty by welcoming renowned scholars with compelling compensation packages including laboratory space, state-of-the-art equipment, and graduate assistant support.

Endowments for faculty also give prestige to scholars and often bring public recognition for their work. For example, Dr. Fred Hawthorne, director of the Institute of Nano and Molecular Medicine and Curators’ Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Radiology, has earned the National Medal of Science. In turn, our faculty’s prestige bolsters MU’s standing among our peers in the Association of American Universities and the SEC.

Giving Opportunities

Endowed faculty positions are available within individual schools and colleges. For more information on how you can support the faculty who make our students’ success possible, contact us.