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The mission of the University of Missouri College of Engineering is to educate engineers, create leaders and develop entrepreneurs in a research and interdisciplinary environment. Alumni, corporate partners and friends play a critical role in fulfilling this mission.

You can make a difference by considering the following opportunities for support:

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Dean's Fund for Excellence

A gift in any amount can be designated to support the Dean’s Fund for Excellence. This Fund helps address areas of greatest need within the College as they occur.

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A named annual scholarship provides student support during the year in which it is received. The full amount contributed goes to student support. An endowed scholarship is a named scholarship that offers donors the opportunity to establish a permanent legacy for themselves or others. A gift of $25,000 is necessary to initiate an endowed scholarship.

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Faculty Support

Faculty teaching and research are at the core of a fruitful academic experience. A gift of an endowed faculty position significantly enhances our academic environment by attracting top researchers and educators.

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Capital Projects

The College of Engineering has a significant number of opportunities for individual and corporations to support its academic mission. From providing an in-kind donation of laboratory equipment, funds to support renovations to Lafferre Hall to establishing funds for future engineering infrastructure needs, there are numerous opportunities for you as an individual or company to make a difference.

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