For 100 years, University of Missouri Extension has provided a direct link between the university and the people of Missouri. As a land-grant university, MU has the unique capacity both to discover new knowledge and to translate it in meaningful, practical ways to Missourians. MU Extension is charged with bringing that relevant, vital education to residents in every part of the state through programs on topics ranging from family finances to business development, backyard gardening to commercial agriculture, and 4-H youth development to lifelong learning.

Our distinct land-grant mission is to improve lives, communities and economies by producing relevant, reliable and responsive educational strategies that enhance access to the resources and research of the University of Missouri. Delivering on that mission takes the support of federal, state and county governments as well as Missouri residents and businesses.

Throughout the Mizzou: Our Time to Lead campaign, MU Extension invites your support of the following priorities:

  • Childhood educational attainment — Preparing young people to thrive in the future
  • Community, economic and workforce development — Ensuring businesses are competitive, workers are properly trained and communities are open to new ways of doing business
  • Environmental conservation — Using our natural resources wisely and developing new sources of sustainable energy
  • Excellence in Extension — Providing unrestricted funds to address MU Extension’s most compelling needs and unexpected opportunities
  • Global food systems — Boosting Missouri’s agricultural production and improving our capacity to meet the growing global food demand
  • Global human health — Targeting obesity, malnutrition and health care costs through research-based data and education
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Missouri 4-H Foundation

The Missouri 4-H Foundation exists to maximize 4-H youth development through the generosity of donors. Your gift to the Missouri 4-H Foundation Gift Fund will strengthen statewide 4-H activities, provide educational resources, train volunteers, support college scholarships and grow strong future leaders.

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